Will My Concrete Patio Hold A Hot Tub?

Usually a concrete slab made to building code is suitable to hold a hot tub. However, many patios and other concrete slabs are pitched for drainage, which may make an unsuitable base for your hot tub. Second, your existing concrete slab must be in good condition. via

What is the best surface to put a hot tub on?

A concrete surface is an excellent base for your hot tub as this material is extremely sturdy and long-lasting. If you have an existing patio made of concrete bricks, make sure it's in good condition and is level (not angled for drainage). A customized poured concrete pad is an even better choice. via

Is 4 inches of concrete enough for a hot tub?

The base of reinforced concrete should be about 4 inches thick and be able to withstand a weight of at least 115 pounds per square foot, especially for larger spas. The concrete should be fully cured prior to placing the tub. via

How long should I wait to put a hot tub on new concrete?

The concrete people said I need to wait a week at least before putting a hot tub on it. They said one week is the MINIMUM; they said it takes up to 28 days for the concrete to completely cure, so they recommend 28 days before putting something really heavy (like a hot tub) on it. via

What does a hot tub need to sit on?

A hot tub requires a stable surface — whether it's a concrete slab, reinforced deck, or firmly compacted soil with crushed gravel. There's also the option to have the hot tub installed in the ground but that still requires a concrete vault. via

What should I put down under my hot tub?

Gravel is a suitable base option for a hot tub. However, you shouldn't use inflatable hot tubs directly onto loose gravel, as the surface wouldn't be flat enough or even. Plus, you'll need an additional layer of protection as a ground cloth to place underneath the hot tub to keep the surface flat. via

What is the best base for a lazy spa?

  • Grass. The grass is definitely one of the most used surfaces under a blow-up hot tub.
  • Concrete pad. This type of foundation is recommended whether or not your tub is an outdoor one or an indoor one.
  • Crushed gravel or stone.
  • Ready-made synthetic tub pads.
  • via

    Does a hot tub pad need rebar?

    1. Is the 4" metal mesh good enough or is it best to use 1/2" rebars throughout the slab? Some concrete contractors say no mesh or rebar is necessary, others say mesh is enough, and others recommend the rebar which provides the most strength. via

    How thick should concrete be to support a hot tub?

    A solid cement pad should be no less that 4 inches thick. This is something that the average homeowner may not want to tackle. The spa pad should be at least the size of the spa. If you are going to pour cement pad put a slight slope in it so that water won't pool under the spa. via

    How do you calculate how many bags of concrete do I need?

    For concrete, the formula for volume is as follows: length x width x thickness. To determine how many bags of concrete you will need, divide the total cubic yards needed by the yield. Use the following yields per each bag size: 40 pound bag yields .011 cubic yards. via

    What might happen if heavy rain falls 10 hours after concrete is poured?

    Even if it starts raining after a concrete pour, the potential for damage may not be that serious. If you had time to complete the finishing process and the concrete has stiffened (typically 4 to 8 hours after mixing), rainwater may cause little if any damage. via

    Can you leave concrete forms on too long?

    The forms or “molding” that holds the concrete in place until it dries should be left alone for at least two days to ensure that the concrete is completely dry. If the forms are removed too soon, the concrete can begin to sag, crack and collapse, especially if conditions like temperature affected its strength. via

    How often should you water new concrete?

    If water evaporates too quickly, it will weaken the finished product with stresses and cracking. To put it simply, the goal is to keep the concrete saturated during the first 28 days. The first 7 days after installation you should spray the slab with water 5-10 times per day, or as often as possible. via

    How far does a hot tub have to be from a breaker?

    Most electrical codes require hot tubs to be at least 10 feet from overhead power lines. As a manual disconnect device, the spa panel solves the problem of false tripping that occurs if the hot tub is wired directly to a two-pole GFCI breaker. via

    How far should a hot tub be from the house?

    Hot Tub Building Codes

    In some areas, including Minnesota and California, you must set the tub back at least 5 feet from your property line. For an above-ground hot tub, measure from your property line to the edge of the tub's structure. via

    Does hot tub wiring need to be buried?

    A: Burying the wires that run from the electrical breaker panel to your spa panel and from the spa panel to your spa is important. However, for your safety, you should avoid running the wires under your hot tub. via

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