Why Do They Call Her Wanheda?

At the end of Season 2, Clarke made the decision to destroy the entire civilization living at Mount Weather in order to protect both the Sky People and the Grounders. She becomes known as Wanheda by the Grounders because the legend spread and is given a name. They know her as the Commander of Death. via

What is the meaning of the name Wanheda?

"Wanheda" is Trigedasleng for "Commander of Death" and refers to a title given to Clarke Griffin by the Grounders. via

What does Heda and Wanheda mean?

As was already pointed out that Heda translates to leader or commander, I wanted to add that we hear this used to refer to Clark when she gets the nickname 'Wanheda' post Mount Weather incident. Wan presumably means death and heda means commander as the nickname translates to "Commander of Death". via

What does pram mean in the 100?

I am pretty sure that Niylah said "Calliope PRAMfleimkepa" not "Calliope kom Flaimkepa." Pram meaning first, as in, "Becca Pramheda." Which would indicate that Calliope never took the flame but was the first flamekeeper and the progenitor of much of Grounder religious structure (which tracks with her having invented via

Was Clarke a commander?

Clarke Griffin was briefly implanted with the Flame to destroy A.L.I.E. , but she never took the title of Commander at least in part because she was not a Nightblood at the time and could not survive hosting the Flame permanently. She was however called "Commander" by Becca Franko when she entered the City of Light. via

Why is Clarke called Princess?

If Finn likes her, other people should like her. Using a pet name for Clarke ultimately humanizes her. Bellamy calls Clarke “princess” to remind the other delinquents that she's “Ark Royalty” and can't be trusted. via

What does Natblida mean?

Grounders call people with black blood "Natblida", which is Trigedasleng for "Nightblood". In Sanctum, it is considered Royal Blood. via

What does Blodreina mean in the 100?

Blodreina (Red Queen) Queen of Cannibals. via

Is Trigedasleng a real language?

Trigedasleng (TRI-ge-da-sleng), sometimes shortened to Trig, is the language spoken by the earth-born people, the clans of Mid-Atlantic United States, known as Grounders. Trigedasleng translates to "forest language", it originated with the Trikru clan and doesn't have its own writing system. via

How do you speak Trigedasleng? (video)

How did Sheidheda lose an eye?

Indra refuses to surrender and allow the Dark Commander to take her people so he prepares to kill her. Before Sheidheda can kill Indra, Madi leaps in and slashes him in face with knife, taking out Sheidheda's right eye. via

What happened to the flame keeper on the 100?

In Season Four, Gaia emerges as the new Flamekeeper following the death of her mentor Titus and the destruction of A.L.I.E. Stealing the Flame to protect it in her new role, Gaia is nearly killed by Octavia Blake who ultimately protects Gaia due to her relationship with Gaia's mother, Indra. via

Who kills Titus on the 100?

Roan moves to kill him but Murphy states Titus is the only one who knows how to perform the ritual and despite Ontari's order to kill Titus, Roan realizes Murphy is right, they need Titus alive. In response, Titus slits his own throat on Roan's knife and saying "for Lexa" before falling into Ontari's bathtub and dying. via

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