Where Does Tigers Blood Flavor Come From?

Back in the 1940's a shave ice stand in Hawaii invented this unique flavor. Since then, Tiger's Blood has become a top Hawaiian shave ice flavor across the world. What is a Tiger's Blood shaved ice, you ask? It is blend of Coconut and Strawberry in a perfect ratio to excite your taste buds. via

What does tigers blood smell like?

Watermelon and Strawberry with a hint of Coconut. via

What is Dragon's Blood flavor?

Dragon's Blood "Dragon Fruit 'n Creme" Dragon's Blood is a delicious blend of dragon fruit and cream, go ahead and try out one of our most popular flavors! via

Why is Tiger's blood a flavor?

No actual tigers are hurt to make a tigers blood shaved ice. Instead, tigers blood snow cone syrup combines the sweet taste of watermelon and strawberry flavoring with a small hint of coconut. via

What is Tiger Blood drug?

So what is tiger blood, exactly? It's just the blood that happens to run through a tiger's body. Oh, and it's also the name of a brand of anabolic steroids used to build muscle. via

What strain is Tiger's blood?

Tiger's Blood, also known as "Tiger's Blood OG," "Tiger Blood Kush" and "Tiger Blood," is a rare indica marijuana strain and phenotype of OG Kush. This strain produces sedating effects that hit you instantaneously and leave you locked to the sofa. Tiger's Blood will make you feel happy, floaty, relaxed, and lazy. via

What does blood taste like?

Blood naturally has a metallic taste because of its iron content. via

What flavor is Kona Ice Tigers Blood?

Tiger's Blood is the perfect combination of watermelon and strawberry with a hint of coconut. Trust the professionals at Hawaiian Shaved Ice! via

What flavor is Godzilla?

This delicious flavor is a dreamy concoction of orange and vanilla ice cream. It'll remind you of summer! via

What does Skylite taste like?

In Baltimore, “skylite” is the blue flavor that is very popular with kids. Im actually not even sure what flavor it is. It basically is super sweet and tastes like sugar. When I was a kid growing up in Baltimore, I usually ordered a skylite snowball or a chocolate snowball with marshmallow. via

What flavor is Bahama Mama?

Bahama Mama syrup has a beautiful red color. The taste combines coconut and pineapple with a hint of orange and cherry, into a festive flavor. via

What flavor is tutti frutti?

Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream is every bit as fun to eat as it is to say. This delicious vintage flavor is full of tropical fruit flavors like banana, pineapple, orange, lemon, and cherry. Tastes like a cool and creamy fruit salad! via

What is Princess flavor Bahama Bucks?

Princess flavor layered and topped with tropic creme and princess sprinkles. Peach flavor, vanilla bahama rama mama (blue bell vanilla ice cream and tropic creme), and layered and topped with cinnamon sugar. via

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