What Kind Of Fish Does Chicken Express Use


Is Chicken Express fish good?

Love their fried fish! This place will surprise you! The fried chicken is good and crispy, the chicken strips are plump and juicy, and I love the liver! They have a large selection of sides to choose from including fried pickles! via

Does Chicken Express have fish?

Fried Fish Fillets - Chicken Express. via

Are Chicken Express corn nuggets vegan?

One of the safest vegan items to order at Chicken Express is the corn on the cob. via

What sides Does Chicken Express have?

Side Orders

  • French Fries.
  • Fried Okra.
  • Mashed Potatoes (includes gravy)
  • Cole Slaw.
  • Macaroni & Cheese.
  • Green Beans.
  • Mini Poppers.
  • Corn on Cob.
  • via

    Does Chicken Express have lemonade?

    There are 97 calories in a Minute Maid Lemonade from Chicken Express. via

    What states have Chicken Express?

    The first Chicken Express franchise store was opened in 1990. Since then more than 200 locations have opened up across the southwest United States. Most locations are in Texas, but we also have stores in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. via

    Does KFC have grilled chicken?

    Now comes KFC with its new Kentucky Grilled Chicken, prepared with a patented process that super-grills the chicken and keeps the meat flavorful and juicy. via

    What dipping sauce does Chicken Express have?

    If you like your chicken wings to have a kick, the Chicken Express hot wings are the menu item for you. Dip them in jalapeno ranch sauce, ranch sauce, honey mustard sauce or BBQ sauce for extra flavor! via

    Are Golden Chick fries vegan?

    Vegan Menu Options at Golden Chick:

    Battered French Fries. Green Beans. Lettuce/Garden Salad (if they will make it without cheese or croutons as they both contain milk) via

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