What Is Topology And Explain Their Types?

In computer networks, there are mainly two types of topologies, they are: Physical Topology: A physical topology describes the way in which the computers or nodes are connected with each other in a computer network. Logical Topology: A logical topology describes the way, data flow from one computer to another. via

What is topology simple words?

Topology is an area of Mathematics, which studies how spaces are organized and how they are structured in terms of position. It also studies how spaces are connected. It is divided into algebraic topology, differential topology and geometric topology. via

Which topology is best?

A full mesh topology provides a connection from each node to every other node on the network. This provides a fully redundant network and is the most reliable of all networks. If any link or node in the network fails, then there will be another path that will allow network traffic to continue. via

What is topology explain with diagram?

A network topology diagram is a visual representation of a network's devices, connections, and paths, allowing you to picture how devices are interconnected and how they communicate with one another. The most common topologies are: Bus topology. All devices are connected by one central cable with two endpoints. via

Why is topology needed?

Simply put, network topology helps us understand two crucial things. It allows us to understand the different elements of our network and where they connect. It may allow scalability and flexibility, for example, to move between point to point systems and ring topologies. via

What is the full meaning of topology?

Topology is the study of the geographic features of a location. The geographic study of the mountains, peaks and valleys in New York is an example of topology. noun. A topographical study of a specific object, entity, place, etc. via

What is physical topology?

Physical Topology :

Physical topology indicates arrangement of different elements of a network. It reflects physical layout of devices and cables to a form a connected network. It is concerned with essentials of network ignoring minute details like transfer of data and device type. via

What is tree topology with diagram?

Tree Topology is a topology which is having a tree structure in which all the computer are connected like the branches which are connected with the tree. In Computer Network, tree topology is called as a combination of a Bus and Start network topology. via

What is a logical topology?

A logical topology is a concept in networking that defines the architecture of the communication mechanism for all nodes in a network. Using network equipment such as routers and switches, the logical topology of a network can be dynamically maintained and reconfigured. via

What is network topology advantage and disadvantage?

Due to its centralized nature, the topology offers simplicity of operation. It also achieves isolation of each device in the network. Adding or removing network nodes is easy, and can be done without affecting the entire network. Due to the centralized nature, it is easy to detect faults in the network devices. via

Which topology is fastest?

Data can be transferred at fastest speed in star topology . via

Which topology is used in schools?

Ring Network Topology

Ring network topologies are most often found on school campuses, though some commercial organizations also use them. FDDI, SONET, or Token Ring technology are typically used. Data is transported bit by bit from each node until it reaches its destination. via

Which topology is expensive?

Star topology

It is expensive due to the cost of the hub. Star topology uses a lot of cables, which makes it the most costly network to set up as you also have to trunk to keep the cables out of harm. via

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