What Is There To Do In Palm Springs This Week?

  • Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Note: Reservations required.
  • Living Desert Zoo & Gardens.
  • Palm Springs Art Museum.
  • Tahquitz Canyon.
  • Palm Springs Air Museum.
  • Palm Springs Visitors Center.
  • Moorten Botanical Garden.
  • Sunnylands Center & Gardens.
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    What is there to do in Palm Springs quarantine?

  • Palm Springs Art Museum.
  • Free Hiking.
  • Cabazon Cultural Museum.
  • Night Adventures in the Monument.
  • Cascade Lounge at Agua Caliente Palm Springs.
  • Shields Date Garden.
  • Backstreet Art District Art Walk.
  • Coachella Valley Preserve.
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    What is there to do in Palm Springs on Saturday night?

    Best fun things to do on a saturday night in Palm Springs, CA

  • Carnival Cabaret. 0.6 mi. 49 reviews.
  • The Street Fair at College of the Desert. 11.7 mi. 132 reviews.
  • Robolights. 1.3 mi.
  • Copa Nightclub. 0.7 mi.
  • 123 Farm. 24.2 mi.
  • Escape Games at The River. 10.3 mi.
  • Bart Lounge. 5.1 mi.
  • Cathedral City Hot Air Balloon Festival. 6.1 mi.
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    What is there to do in Palm Springs in February 2021?

    Palm Springs Things to Do: The 25 Best Activities for 2021

  • Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.
  • Palm Springs Visitor Center.
  • Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.
  • Palm Canyon Drive.
  • Tahquitz Canyon.
  • Palm Springs Air Museum.
  • Sunnylands.
  • Palm Springs Art Museum.
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    Why do people go to Palm Springs?

    Many vacationers to Palm Springs come simply to enjoy the desert air and unwind. Palm Springs Yacht Club, located in Parker Palm Springs, offers luxury with a playful sense of humor. It is, after all, in the desert – definitely not on a yacht. The day spa at the Spring is open to hotel guests, as well as the public. via

    How far is Joshua Tree from Palm Springs?

    The trip from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree is an easy one at just about 40 miles. via

    Should I go to Palm Springs in July?

    The humidity is low.

    While the temperatures can reach the triple digits, the low humidity and unique microclimate means summer is a great time to luxuriate in the dry heat. Lower humidity means you can enjoy all that Palm Springs has to offer. The temperatures are guaranteed to be lower, and the views are unparalleled. via

    How many days do you need in Palm Springs?

    3 days will work great for the area and will cover all the areas - you could plan one day in Joshua Tree and still be fun. Our vacations to Palm Springs over the years have lasted for about 3 days and it worked well. via

    Can you swim in Tahquitz Canyon?

    Tahquitz Falls

    It falls beautifully over the rock face and down into a deep pool. The pool also has a large rock that you can swim out to and climb on if you feel so inclined. via

    What is there to do in Palm Springs in April 2021?

    Go glamping, become a master of architecture during Modernism Week, or pose with a dragon during April 2021 in Greater Palm Springs.

  • Go glamping.
  • Celebrate Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.
  • Ride the CannaBus.
  • 4. “
  • Explore art installations.
  • Become a master of modernism.
  • Jam with Los Lobos.
  • Try a new beverage.
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    Can you party in Palm Springs?

    Nightclubs & Lounges

    In Greater Palm Springs, you'll find everything from late-night dance parties and karaoke nights to inspired mixology and speakeasy-style bars. via

    Is Palm Springs a party place?

    Palm Springs is the best kind of party town, always evolving and never resting on its laurels. The cool crowd heads to the desert region for hip hotels with poolside DJs, al fresco cocktails, live entertainment, and energetic dance floors. via

    What is there to do in Palm Springs in March 2021?

    Enjoy Irish food, watch a digital dance festival, or go on a scavenger hunt during March 2021 in Greater Palm Springs.

  • Behold the bighorn.
  • Enjoy desert dining.
  • Savor a stack of pancakes.
  • Host your own March Madness.
  • Tour a digital art exhibit.
  • Watch a digital dance festival.
  • Stretch in the sunshine.
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    What is there to do in Palm Springs in December 2020?

    Take a look at the destinations below:

  • The Living Desert Zoo. Formerly known as the Living Desert Museum, this place has both a botanical garden and an interactive zoo for you and your family to enjoy during the winter.
  • Moorten Botanical Garden.
  • Joshua Tree National Park.
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    Does Palm Springs have sand dunes?

    The Eureka Sand Dunes, one of the newest additions to Death Valley National Park , are the tallest sand dunes in California. Rising more than 680 feet above the dry lakebed in remote Eureka Valley, the dunes lie in an enclosed basin at the 3,000-foot elevation adjacent to the even more towering Last Chance Mountains. via

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