What Is The Synonym Of Cant?

cant, pious platitudenoun. insincere talk about religion or morals. Synonyms: slang, camber, chamfer, patois, bevel, vernacular, argot, bank, pious platitude, lingo, cant, buzzword, jargon. bevel, cant, chamferverb. via

What is the synonym of unable to decide?

waver. verbshift back and forth; be indecisive. be irresolute. be unable to decide. via

What is the synonym and antonym of Able?

Capable of being reached or attained. Antonyms. inaccessible impossible inconvenient inaccessibility. getatable come-at-able. via

What is a synonym and antonym for incapable?

incapable. Synonyms: unqualified, unable, unfitted, weak, incompetent, feeble, disqualified, insufficient. Antonyms: qualified, able, fitted, strong, clever. via

What can't stand for?

: to hate I can't stand him. via

Does bevel mean cant?

Definition of 'bevel'

1. a. Also called: cant. a surface that meets another at an angle other than a right angle. via

What is an indecisive person called?

adjective. (of a person) vacillating; irresolute. via

What is fickle minded?

adjective. (of a person) prone to casual change; inconstant. via

What is a word for Able?

good, adept, capable, apt, competent, easy, ready, adequate, strong, intelligent, smart, skilled, effective, efficient, responsible, prepared, keen, adroit, agile, alert. via

What is the meaning of in capable?

able to do things effectively and skilfully, and to achieve results: She's a very capable woman/worker/judge. We need to get an assistant who's capable and efficient. via

What is the root word of incapable?

incapable (adj.)

"not capable," 1590s, from French incapable (16c.) and directly from Medieval Latin incapabilis "incapable," from in- "not" (see in- (1)) + capabilis "receptive; able to grasp or hold" (see capable). via

Is incapability a word?

1. Lack of ability or capacity: inability, incapacity, incompetence, incompetency, powerlessness. via

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