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What is the cheapest drink at Starbucks 2020?

Bang For Your Buck: 7 Creative $3 Starbucks Concoctions

  • Minty Hot Chocolate. Cost: $3.45 (price includes syrup)
  • Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade. Cost: $2.75 (price includes syrup)
  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Cost: $3.75.
  • Iced Vanilla Americano. Cost: $2.95 (price includes syrup)
  • Caramel Apple Spice.
  • Strawberry Blend Lemonade.
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    What is the cheapest Starbucks item?

  • 10 Starbucks Prices That Actually Make Their Coffee Affordable.
  • Venti Filtered Coffee (Price $2.45)
  • 8-Cup French Press (Price $5.95)
  • Free Coffee Refill (Price $0)
  • “Short” Brewed Coffee (Price $1.55)
  • Trenta Shaken Iced Tea (Price $2.95)
  • Venti Iced Coffee w/ Light Ice (Price $2.95)
  • Grande Americano (Price $2.65)
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    How do you get cheap drinks at Starbucks?

  • Download the Starbucks App.
  • Complete Starbucks Rewards Challenges.
  • Play Starbucks Rewards Games.
  • Bring a Reusable Cup.
  • Sign up for the Starbucks Rewards Credit Card.
  • Take Advantage of Double Star Days.
  • Consider the Lesser-Known Starbucks Coffee Size Options.
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    Is water free at Starbucks?

    Free water

    If you like to drink water with your coffee (coffee can be dehydrating, after all), don't pay for bottled water: You can get filtered water for free at Starbucks. via

    What can I get for $3 at Starbucks?

    For $3 you can get a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade and an iced Vanilla Americano. Plus so much more, get creative with the Starbucks menu and order great drinks in smaller sizes. via

    Why is Starbucks so expensive?

    The reason Starbucks' coffee prices are going up is due to a recent spike in operating costs. Starbucks' cost of sales, including expenses like rent, also grew 13%, a Starbucks spokesperson told the Journal. via

    How can I get a free Starbucks?

    Starbucks gives you an instant discount of 10 cents just by bringing in your own cup. If you bring in a 20 ounce cup (most baristas will fill it to the top) and you ordered tall (12 ounces) or grande (16 ounces), you're getting free coffee. Add that to the discount you get for bringing in your personal cup. via

    Are Starbucks refills only 50 cents?

    Get a refill for 50 cents

    If you're not a Starbucks Rewards member, you can still get free refills of brewed coffee (hot, iced or cold brew) and tea (hot or iced) for just 50 cents during the same store visit at participating Starbucks stores. via

    What's the most expensive Starbucks drink?

    A Florida man named William Lewis broke the record Wednesday for the most expensive Starbucks beverage with a grande latte that cost $83.75 and contained 99 extra shots of espresso and 17 pumps of vanilla syrup, mocha and matcha powder. via

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