What Is The Best Fiberon Decking

The Fiberon Decking Line-up:

  • Symmetry Decking (BEST)
  • Horizon Decking (BEST)
  • Paramount PVC Decking (BEST)
  • ProTect Advantage Decking (BETTER)
  • Good Life Decking (GOOD)
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    Which Fiberon decking is the best?

    Fiberon Decking Lines: Good-Better-Best

  • The Best Fiberon: Paramount PVC Decking.
  • The Best Fiberon: Concordia – Symmetry Decking.
  • The Best Fiberon: Concordia – Horizon Decking.
  • Better Fiberon: Sanctuary.
  • Good Fiberon: Good Life Decking.
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    What are the levels of Fiberon decking?

    The Fiberon Decking Line-up:

  • Symmetry Decking (BEST)
  • Horizon Decking (BEST)
  • Paramount PVC Decking (BEST)
  • ProTect Advantage Decking (BETTER)
  • Good Life Decking (GOOD)
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    What is the best composite decking on the market?

  • Fiberon. Fiberon is a brand that specializes in composite decking materials.
  • MoistureShield. MoistureShield has a great product that is definitely worthy of your attention.
  • Cali Bamboo.
  • Trex.
  • Duralife.
  • Lumberock.
  • Envision.
  • TimberTech (AZEK)
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    Does fiberon scratch easily?

    In the same way that wood decking materials can get marred or gouged, the surface of composite decking can also be scratched. Horizon Decking and ProTect Advantage are the Fiberon products most resistant to scratches. If scratches do occur, we recommend allowing normal wear marks to disappear gradually. via

    Is Fiberon decking slippery when wet?

    Fiberon Paramount Decking has a high slip resistance when tested according to ASTM F 1679 with a dry/wet rating of . 85/. 82. via

    Will Fiberon decking fade?

    They must be stripped and resealed periodically, the wood can crack, warp or splinter, and they can fade over time through exposure to ultraviolet light. Fiberon decking, on the other hand, is made from composite materials that have a much longer lifespan than wood and requires very little maintenance over time. via

    Where is Fiberon decking made?

    Born and built in the USA

    Since 1997, Fiberon has been manufacturing and selling high-quality composite decking and railing products designed to make outdoor living easy. Everything is made in the United States, either in our home state of North Carolina or in our Idaho facility. via

    Is Fiberon decking waterproof?

    Another option for weather resistant decking is PVC decking. Fiberon offers both PVC decking and composite decking choices to help you create the perfect outdoor oasis. via

    What is the warranty on Fiberon decking?

    Fiberon offers a five-year limited labor warranty on select products sold in the United States and Canada. With this coverage, if an eligible product fails to perform in accordance with its original warranty, Fiberon will pay reasonable labor costs associated with replacement. via

    What are the disadvantages of composite decking?

    Cons of Composite Decking

  • A pricey alternative to wood. Durability comes at a cost, as composite decking is more expensive than wood.
  • Composites aren't natural.
  • Composite decks aren't completely maintenance free.
  • You'll need to comparison shop.
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    What are the problems with composite decking?

    Composite Decking Problems

  • Moisture-resistance doesn't stop mold. Composite decking is often sold as a close to a waterproof material as you can get.
  • Warping and weakening isn't uncommon.
  • Staining and color fading leads to frustration.
  • Easily scratched surface can't be fixed.
  • Composite's characteristics limit usability.
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    Is a composite deck worth the money?

    There is no doubt that composite decking material is more expensive than wood. However, it is valued for its striking resemblance to natural wood and efficiency making it an excellent choice for decking. It is easier to clean and maintain which makes it last long enough to transfer the same value to the next homeowner. via

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