What Does Explanation Mean In Writing

Explanation writing is about telling how or why something happens. In choosing a topic for this writing, it is important to ensure that the topic requires that. … This could be an explanation or a recount. Considering this, What is explanation text and example? via

What is an example of an explanation?

The definition of an explanation is something that clarifies or makes clear. An example of an explanation is telling how rain forms. The interpretation, meaning, or sense given in explaining. via

What do you mean by explanation?

An explanation is a statement about how or why something is the way it is. If you're failing math, you'd better come up with a good explanation to give to your parents. Explanation is from the same Latin word as explain: explanare, which means make clear. via

How do you write a good explanation?

  • Make Your Audience Feel Smart, Instead of Making Yourself Look Smart.
  • Explain the Forest, Not Just the Trees.
  • Add Details Sparingly.
  • Write Less Copy, Use More Visuals.
  • Remember Your Audience is Human.
  • Focus on Why.
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    What is an example of a explanation sentence?

    I couldn't come up with an explanation that would keep him from notifying the police. There was probably an innocent explanation for the scene at the building. "I imagine I owe you an explanation ," Mr. He waited for an explanation , but she had said all she was going to say on the subject. via

    How do you write an explanation? (video)

    How do you start an explanation?

  • For beginning an explanation. at first, initially, to begin with, in the beginning, first of all, the first step.
  • For continuing an explanation. while, as, at the same time, the next step, after, next, then.
  • For ending an explanation. finally, eventually, at last, the final/last step.
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    What is good explanation?

    A good explanation is a description and justification of a process used to solve a mathematical exercise or problem that includes… An appeal to images that relate how the methods are actually modifying the quantities; • Goal statements that explain the purposes of the methods. • An unbroken chain of causal relations. via

    What type of word is explanation?

    noun. the act or process of explaining. something that explains; a statement made to clarify something and make it understandable; exposition: an explanation of a poem. via

    What is a detailed explanation?

    If you give an explanation of something, you give details about it or describe it so that it can be understood. via

    How do you start an explanation essay?

  • Carry out proper research. You should ensure that you collect enough data and information to drafting the explanatory essay.
  • Develop a clear thesis.
  • Understand the meaning of an explanatory essay.
  • Choose a well-understandable topic.
  • Write an outline for your essay.
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    How do you start a explanation essay?

    Explain the background or history of your topic, or give a story from the past about your topic. Explain what your topic is like today. Compare the past with the present. Explain your topic. via

    How do you describe clearly?

  • Identify your purpose.
  • Know your audience existing knowledge and level of understanding.
  • Be on point to explain clearly and simply.
  • Explain using in simple terms.
  • Define unfamiliar terms.
  • Break down ideas into manageable parts.
  • Use transition phrases.
  • Be concise.
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