What Does Citoyen Mean?

noun. In France and French-speaking countries: a (usually male) citizen. Also (usually with capital initial) used as a title or form of address during the French Revolution (now historical). via

What is the meaning of Citoyen and Citoyenne Class 9?

citoyen..public spirited.citoyenne....citizen. hope it helps..plz mark this as brain liest. klondikegj and 11 more users found this answer helpful. via

What is the meaning of the French word le placard?

Translation of "le placard" in English. the closet the cupboard the cabinet your closet. the wardrobe. via

What does Le Garçon mean in English?

: a male waiter (as in a French restaurant) "Here, garçon, bring us two halves of malt whisky, like a good fellow …."— James Joyce A world-renowned sommelier pilots you through the wine list as a brigade of gracious garçons fills your glasses.— via

Is Monsieur a English word?

Modern usage. In modern French, monsieur (plural messieurs) is used as a courtesy title of respect, an equivalent of English "mister" or "sir". It can be abbreviated in M. (plural MM.), Mssr. via

What is the meaning of non propertied?

Non-propertied class of the society included people of lower class who did not own any property. via

Who was Robespierre Class 9?

Maximilian Robespierre Was The king Of France Who Ruled I'm The period 1813-1814. He followed the policy of Discrimination of people . Reign Of terror Was Under his Rule. via

What is Reign of Terror Class 9?

The Reign of Terror (From 1793 to 1794) The period from 1793 to 1794 is known as the Reign of Terror. Maximilian Robespierre sentenced to death all those persons who he considered as enemies of the republic, whether they were ex-noble, clergy, and members of any political parties; including Jacobins. via

What was Marseillaise Class 9?

Marseillaise was the patriotic song composed by the poet Roget de L'Isle. It had later become the National Anthem of France. The constitution of 1791 was formed, but Louis XVI made a secret pact with the King of Prussia. via

Is placard masculine or feminine French?

The gender of placard is masculine. E.g. le placard. via

Is Library in French masculine?

-que, as in la boutique, la musique, la gymnastique, la bibliothèque (the library). Exceptions are le plastique, le kiosque, le moustique (the mosquito). via

Is langue masculine or feminine?

Though the word langue is feminine, all languages are masculine: le français – French. le japonais – Japanese. le russe – Russian. via

What is called Boy in French?

boy → garçon, gars, boy, jeune homme. via

What is the female version of Garcon?

If the noun is plural then "The" becomes Les. For example : The boy = Le garçon. The girl = La fille. via

What does Noel mean in French?

Noel or Noël is derived from the Old French word, "nael," meaning “of or born on Christmas.” The name goes back to the birth of Jesus, which was referred to as "natalis dies" meaning "day of birth.” It later emerged into Middle English as "Nowel." via

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