Was Fantastic Beasts A Flop


Was Fantastic Beasts successful?

With miserable reviews and poor buzz, the $155 million flick earned $89 million domestic but $441 million worldwide. via

What's wrong with Fantastic Beasts?

The biggest problem with Fantastic Beasts is its identity crisis. Harry Potter fans were originally sold on the idea of Newt Scamander travelling the world to find exotic magical creatures, and indeed that is the element of the movies that has been most successful. via

How much money did Fantastic Beasts make?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them via

Is credence really a Dumbledore?

After finally being given a wand by his new master at Nurmengard Castle, Credence accepted his true heritage as Aurelius Dumbledore, and seemingly agreed to help Grindelwald bypass the blood pact and kill Albus Dumbledore. via

Does JK Rowling profit from Fantastic Beasts?

As Polygon noted, Rowling will almost certainly make money from sales of this new game, as she still profits from the Wizarding World itself. via

Why did Grindelwald turn evil?

They had different reasons. For Grindelwald, it was because he was an evil dude. For Dumbledore, it was a reaction to his sister Ariana being tormented by Muggles until she went mad. Grindelwald, enraged, attacked Aberforth, and Albus defended him. via

Why was Leta lestrange hated?

Leta was bullied at Hogwarts due to the gossip about her being an unwanted child and the tragic death of her half-brother. Newt showing Leta the Bowtruckle She was later comforted by Newt near the Great Lake, when she was upset by her own Boggart. via

Who was more powerful Grindelwald or Voldemort?

Voldemort and Grindelwald were both great at dueling, but Grindelwald surpasses the Dark Lord. Voldemort dueled Dumbledore, but Dumbledore always had the upper hand. While Dumbledore came out on top in the end, even he admitted to Harry that Grindelwald was very close to him in skill. via

What is Daniel Radcliffe's net worth?

The Sunday Times Rich List of 2020, estimated Radcliffe's net worth at £94 million. via

Why was Johnny Depp replaced in Fantastic Beasts?

Johnny Depp chose to leave the Fantastic Beasts franchise after he lost his libel case against British tabloid The Sun. The publication had referred to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor as a "wife-beater". The publication had referred to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor as a “wife-beater”. via

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