Is The Leatherman Wave Worth It

The Leatherman Wave is one of the most useful and iconic tools on the market. The Wave can accept any hex bit and features 17 tools and is purpose-built right here in the USA. After reading about my experience with the tool you will understand if it is a good fit for you. via

Why is the Leatherman Wave so popular?

The Wave multitool is one of the most popular models built and sold by Leatherman today. People love it for its multiple reasons – the affordable price point, rock-solid build quality, and range of uses. It offers a variety of larger knives, pliers, wire cutters, and every blade locks for safety and security. via

Is the Leatherman Wave plus worth it?

The innovative external access to the blades and saws are the same, as is the presence of Leatherman's proprietary bit driver. The scissors of the Wave are tight and handy, and the ergonomics are on point. No tool that scores this high is as affordable. The value of the Wave+ earns it our Best Buy Award. via

Are Leatherman worth it?

The SwissTools don't come cheap, both models are $100 or more and you don't get one-hand accessible knife blade. In my experience, Leatherman multi tools offer the best value. Their above average prices are balanced by excellent performance, durability, premium materials, and precision manufacturing. via

Is Leatherman Wave discontinued?

The Wave has been discontinued. It was replaced by the Leatherman Wave+. via

What is better Leatherman or Swiss Army?

When comparing the two brands, the finish Victorinox puts on its tools is always top-notch. Leatherman tools, on the other hand, feel more solid and are much easier to grip and actually use than the more compact offerings from Victorinox. via

Which is the best Leatherman tool to buy?

  • Leatherman FREE P4. If you've ever handled a Leatherman multi-tool you know how they can be difficult to open when both of your hands aren't available.
  • Leatherman FREE T4. Like the Leatherman Free P4, the T4 is designed to be opened with one hand.
  • Leatherman Squirt PS4.
  • Leatherman Wave Plus.
  • via

    What's the difference between Leatherman Wave and Charge?

    There is also a difference between the type of steel used for the main blade. The blade on the Wave Plus is made from 420HC, the blade on the Charge from CPM S30V. Both are stainless types of steel, the difference, however, can be found in the hardness and the sharpness retention. via

    Which multitool is best?

    The best multi-tools, in order

  • DeWalt DCS355D2-GB. The best DIY multi-tool.
  • Bosch PMF 350 CES. Best mid-price multi-tool.
  • Ozito 300W Multi Function Tool MFR-2200U. Best entry-level multi-tool.
  • Worx WX680 F30 Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool. Best mid-price multi-tool.
  • Makita DTM50RM1J1.
  • via

    Does the Leatherman Wave Plus come with a sheath?

    LEATHERMAN, Wave Plus Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters, Spring-Action Scissors and Nylon Sheath, Built in the USA, Stainless Steel. Learn more about free returns. via

    Should I buy a multitool?

    Because of its versatility and multi-functionality, a good multi-tool can be your go-to power tool for hundreds of household tasks. Regardless of whether you're an amateur DIY tinkerer, or a seasoned professional tradesperson, a power multi-tool is an essential purchase that is well worth a space in your toolbox. via

    Is Leatherman made in China?

    Yes, most of Leatherman's tools are still made in the USA. However, not every single part of their popular multitool is sourced from U.S. materials. via

    Where is the Leatherman rebar made?

    Taking cues from the original Leatherman PST, Rebar features 17 essential tools. All of them lockable and built from 420HC stainless steel. Great all-around multi-tool for work or home. For a limited time, the Rebar includes a classic leather sheath, made in the USA. via

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