Is Salir Imperfect Or Preterite?


What is the imperfect tense for salir?

The imperfect root of Salir is salía. The imperfect tense is rarely irregular and can be easily conjugated from this form, which is the yo, and él/ella conjugation. via

Is salir irregular preterite?

The verb salir is irregular only in the yo form of the present tense (and command forms). via

Is VIAJ a preterite?

Viajar in the Preterite Tense

The verb viajar is regular in the preterite tense. via

Is ir regular or irregular?

Ir is one of only three irregular imperfect verbs. Here's that conjugation; notice that, like regular verbs, the first-person and third-person singular forms (yo and usted) are the same. via

What is hacer in the imperfect?

Imperfect Tense - Verb Hacer

The verb hacer (conjugation) means "to make" or "to do". The verb hacer, in imperfect tense, may be translated to English as was doing, used to do. via

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