Is AB De Villiers An Afrikaans?

de Villiers is a common French and Afrikaans surname. It may refer to: AB de Villiers, a former South African international cricketer. via

Why is AB de Villiers so popular?

AB de Villiers scored two successive centuries in the 2011 World Cup. He also became the 16th batsman to score two or more centuries in one World Cup tournament. AB de Villiers' strike rate of 136.73 is the highest among South African batsmen who have scored centuries in World Cup matches. via

Which country is AB de Villiers?

AB de Villiers via

Is AB de Villiers the best?

Celebrating the 13th anniversary of the IPL, South Africa superstar AB de Villiers, was declared the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) among batsmen in the history of the tournament by the jury of Star Sports on its flagship show Cricket Connected. via

How much did RCB pay AB de Villiers?

Royal Challengers Bangalore retained AB de Villiers as the second player ahead of the IPL 2018 mega auction. This implies, his IPL salary is Rs 11 crore per season. via

Is AB de Villiers a doctor?

The senior AB de Villiers has been practicing as a general practitioner, but specialised in sport medicine (gained his M.Sc. in 1996). "Not only me and my son have the same name, but my father and grandfather also had the same common name as AB de Villiers," he revealed. via

Who is king of IPL?

It is evident that Virat Kohli remains the undisputed king of IPL when anyone asks who is the ipl king. He is the first batsman to score 600 runs in IPL. The team only played the finals once under his captaincy but never won. Virat is the current cricket captain of India and the best batsman in the world. via

Who is AB de Villiers best friend?

1. Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. The friendship of Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated ones in India. Despite playing for different countries, there was something that connected between the two of them when they started playing together for Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2011. via

How old is Chris Gayle?

Chris Gayle via

Who is better Dhoni or AB de Villiers?

De Villiers' big weakness is his lack of stumpings: just 3 stumpings out of 83 dismissals in ODIs and 2 out of 55 in tests. Compare that to Dhoni's 69/280 in ODIs and 36/248 in tests. He can save Test matches, anchor ODI innings and improvise under IPL floodlights. AB can do it all. via

Who scored fastest 100 in ODI?

South Africa's AB de Villiers holds the record for the fastest ODI century of all time - he took just 31 balls to reach the milestone in a match against the West Indies in Johannesburg in 2015. via

Who is better Kohli or De Villiers?

Kohli has played 86 Test matches so far and has aggregated 7240 runs at an average of 53.62. Meanwhile, de Villiers has a record of 8765 runs at an average of 50.66. Kohli has scored 27 hundreds so far and looks set for many more, whereas de Villiers has made 22 hundreds in the Test arena. via

Who is best finisher in IPL?

Rating the best finishers in IPL history

  • Hardik Pandya 8/10. IPL career strike-rate: 156.67.
  • Kieron Pollard 8.5/10. IPL career strike-rate: 148.96.
  • MS Dhoni 8.5/10. IPL strike-rate: 136.64.
  • Andre Russell 9/10. IPL strike-rate: 179.67.
  • AB de Villiers 9.5/10. IPL strike-rate: 152.37.
  • via

    How good is AB de Villiers?

    The scoring rate was 7.38 per over, and batters averaged 15.75 runs. It was easier to bat in the first ten overs, and de Villiers never batted then. He only arrived for the soft-ball section, where he scored at 11.36 runs per over and averaged 62.5. It is not that de Villiers is great, because we know that. via

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