How Rich Is Keith Allen?

Keith Allen net worth and salary: Keith Allen is a Welsh actor, comedian, artist, musician, singer-songwriter, author, and television personality who has a net worth of $1 million. via

How tall is Alfie Allen?

Alfie Allen via

Who is Alfie Allen's father?

Alfie Allen via

How old is Alfie Allen?

Alfie Allen via

Is Keith Allen married?

Keith Allen via

How old is Keith Allen?

Keith Allen via

Does Alfie Allen have a girlfriend?

Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen and his girlfriend Allie Teilz have become parents to a daughter. The 32-year-old actor, who plays Theon Greyjoy in the hit HBO fantasy drama, shared the news on Instagram to announce the news Monday. via

How much is Keanu Reeves?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Reeves is worth $360 million. via

Can Alfie Allen sing?

Yes, that is Alfie Allen singing as John Kite!

While many will find Allen's singing a surprise, the actor has had a long history in music, explaining on The One Show that he was in a band as a kid. via

What does Alfie Allen think of Alfie song?

So what does Alfie Allen think of the song? The Game Of Thrones actor told The Guardian that though he enjoyed listening to the tune, he felt it wasn't an accurate portrayal of him and asked that it not be released as a single. "When Lily wrote the song, I was in Canada teaching kids how to snowboard. via

Is Alfie Allen in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Alfie Allen made his debut in 1998 with the TV movies "You Are Here" and "Elizabeth," but didn't act again until 2004's "Agent Cody Banks 2." Allen didn't act again until 2004's "Agent Cody Banks 2," and then was cast in "Game of Thrones" in 2010. via

Where is Alfie Allen from?

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