How Much Does It Cost To String A Violin

A set of violin string can cost anywhere from $10 to $40, and this all depends on the quality, gauge, and manufacturer. A good quality set should be within the $15 to $35 range. via

Are violin strings expensive?

Because of the materials used to create consistent quality, the skilled labor, and the specialized machines that it takes to manufacture these small components, they are much more expensive than might be apparent. Strings were, once upon a time, made of the guts of cattle and sheep. via

How often should you restring a violin?

Your strings should be replaced, at minimum, every 9-12 months, but there are too many variables to assign an exact timeframe. Keep in mind that the only real downside to replacing your strings too soon is the cost, while waiting too long can actually result in a number of negative consequences. via

What happens if a violin string breaks?

If you're talking about a violin soloist playing a concerto, it depends on when the string breaks. If it's at the beginning of the piece, the soloist might simply replace the string then and there. But if the concerto is in progress, the concertmaster might hand the soloist his or her instrument. via

Do violin strings go bad?

Regardless of how often you play, your violin strings should be replaced at a minimum of every 9 to 12 months. Instrument Set-up—In some cases, the way your bridge has been cut, or the nut on your violin will negatively impact the strings, making them wear out sooner than normal. via

Do violin strings break easily?

Exposure to temperature & humidity fluctuations

Proper violin care begins with the right case, a high-quality humidity control accessory (like Boveda's) and proper storage locations. Constant fluctuations of hot-to-cold, humid-to-dry, and then back again causes brittle strings that are more prone to breaking. via

Can a broken violin be fixed?

Like a broken bone, a crack in the face of a violin can be an incomplete fracture or a complete break through the wood. Regardless, cracks can be repaired via a special glue or clamps that arch across the top or back of the violin. Typically, this type of repair can cost between $100-$150. via

Can I replace my own violin strings?

Most music stores will change violin strings for $20 or less, so it's an affordable repair. Call ahead and book an appointment, letting them know you'd like to observe the process so you can learn to do it yourself. The second or third time around, change the strings on your own under their supervision. via

What strings do professional violinists use?

Most Recommended Violin Strings For Advanced & Professional Violinists

  • 1) Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin String Set – Medium Gauge – Gold Wound G – Ball E.
  • 2) Obligato 4/4 Violin String Set – Medium Gauge – with Gold Ball-end E & Silver D.
  • 3) Pirastro Wondertone Gold Label Violin Strings.
  • via

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