How Much Does A Glamburger Cost

Cheesecake Factory Menu Price Categories via

How much does a Glamburger heal in Undertale?

Glamburger - 120G ("Heals 27 HP Very popular food.") via

Can you sell a Glamburger to catty?

Their apparent species are puns; Catty is an alley cat, and Bratty is an alley-gator, and they talk like valley girls. Although the protagonist can add to their dialogue by buying a Glamburger, the girls do not actually take it when trying to sell it to them. via

What is the Glamburger?

Glamburger is a consumable item sold at the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium. Eating a Glamburger makes a special sound effect (but not in Serious Mode). The protagonist can also find one in the Trash Can in the CORE near the Warrior's Path before reaching Mettaton. via

How do you make a Glamburger? (video)

What happened to Chara Undertale?

After their death, Chara's SOUL was absorbed by Asriel, and they shared control over a body. Chara carried their own corpse across the barrier and wanted to use their full power to destroy the humans that were attacking them. Asriel resisted Chara, which ultimately led to the humans killing the fusion of the two SOULs. via

Why are they called Glamburgers?

We wanted to transcend the burger category, and the word 'hamburger' just didn't seem to do them justice," said David Overton, the company's founder and chief executive. "With such 'glamorous' toppings, there really wasn't a better name to describe them than Glamburgers.” via

How do you get the empty gun in Undertale?

The Empty Gun is a weapon item sold by Bratty and Catty, who reside in the right alleyway at the MTT Resort. Its defensive counterpart is the Cowboy Hat. According to Bratty and Catty, it was found (along with their other wares) in Waterfall at the garbage dump, explaining its empty barrel. via

Where is the legendary hero in Undertale?

Legendary Hero is a food item sold at the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium. Consuming it heals 40 HP, raises AT by 4 for one battle, and makes a fanfare sound (unless in Serious Mode). via

How do you beat Mettaton ex?

To defeat Mettaton EX without killing him, one must survive until his arms and legs are blown off and achieve a show rating of 10,000 or more; if his limbs are not blown off, a show rating of 12,000 or more ends the battle. While the protagonist waits without acting, the ratings go down. via

What is the most expensive burger in the world?

Dutch diner De Daltons' The Golden Boy burger is now the most expensive hamburger in the world with a whopping price tag of €5,000 EUR (approx. $5,964 USD). via

Does Cheesecake Factory have burgers?

We use premium Certified Angus Beef® for all of our burgers. Certified Angus Beef® is a registered trademark of Certified Angus Beef LLC. Americana CheeseburgerAmerican and Cheddar Cheese, Crunchy Potato Crisps, Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Onions, Pickl... via

What does the steak in the shape of Mettatons face do?

The Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face is a consumable item sold at the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium. The Steak heals the most HP out of any food purchased with GOLD; only the Instant Noodles in Serious Mode and Hush Puppy always heal more. via

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