How Much Are Alcoholic Drinks At Buffalo Wild Wings?


What cocktails Does Buffalo Wild Wings have?

Buffalo Wild Wings' new cocktails include a Tito's Moscow Mule, a Bulleit Rye Old Fashioned and a Bacardi Mojito. via

Does Buffalo Wild Wings serve alcohol?

Take home beer, wine and cocktails with your takeout order. Give us a call to add 'em to your order, or grab some when you come to pick up your takeout order. Available at participating Denver, Nashville, and Dallas area locations for a limited time. Alcohol may only be purchased with food. via

Does Buffalo Wild Wings serve alcohol on Sunday?

Green added that the current ordinance also doesn't require businesses, such as Buffalo Wild Wings, to close at 12 a.m. Sunday, only that alcoholic beverages can't be served after that point. via

Does Buffalo Wild Wings serve whiskey?

A special 8-year-old American whiskey available exclusively at the spicy chicken wing chain—specifically, its locations in Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Nevada and California. via

What beer is at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Today, Buffalo Wild Wings is continuing the trend of serving world-class options by introducing a new House Beer — Wild Herd Kölsch by Goose Island. via

Does Hooters serve alcohol?

The Hooters Spirits portfolio, which includes a premium array of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, American and cinnamon whiskey will be available at Hooters restaurants and select retailers around the country, starting in the Fall. This line of premium spirits was developed in partnership with United Spirits, Inc. via

How much is a tall Bud Light at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Tall Bud light drafts for just $3? We got you. Stop by for an ice-cold draft beer freshly poured into a 22-ounce glass. Available at participating locations for a limited time. via

Does Buffalo Wild Wings have Red Bull?

Buffalo Wild Wings has three margaritas also on the menu: Hibiscus Margarita, Platinum Margarita and Red Bull Sunrise. To enjoy Corazon Reposado Tequila and the limited-time Ranch Water, find your closest Buffalo Wild Wings location here. via

Does Buffalo Wild Wings have na beer?

We're very sorry to announce Buffalo Wild Wings will no longer be serving beer at any of our restaurants. Details to come… No beer?? via

Is it buy one get one free at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Buy one traditional wings order and get one of equal value free on Tuesdays. Not valid with any other coupon or offer. via

Why is Buffalo Wild Wings so expensive?

It has about 12 or so wing sauces to choose from and sells 600-plus pounds of wings each year. Due to a recent wing shortage, Monopole, like other food stops nationwide, had to raise its wing prices. While it usually sold 10 wings for $10.75, they now charge $14.75. via

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