How Many John’s Incredible Pizzas Are There?


What did incredible pizza used to be called?

Incredible Pizza Company, a family entertainment center company based in Springfield, Missouri, is a few days away from opening a new location in Shawnee, the company's 10th location in North America. Located at 13110 W. 62nd Terrace, the 82,000 square foot site was formerly PowerPlay Entertainment Center. via

Is Incredible Pizza a franchise?

America's Incredible Pizza Company is franchising its family entertainment centers through America's Incredible Pizza Franchise Group LLC. Many of your questions about franchising will be answered within the Franchise Application. via

Does John's Incredible Pizza serve beer?

John's Incredible Pizza does offer beer, wine, and margaritas. via

Can adults go to Incredible Pizza?

I highly recommend this Incredible Pizza. We will definitely be returning! Awesome place for Adults as well as children. via

What happen to Incredible Pizza?

Incredible Pizza Co. is shutting down its Far-Southside amusement center on Monday. "It was not an easy decision and we do so with a heavy heart," Managing Partner Jim Leonard said in an email sent to customers this morning. via

How does Incredible Pizza work?

How does the pricing work? The admission price you pay at the entrance includes an all you can eat buffet pass and access to the game area. There's a couple different prices depending on the time of day and your age which you can see below in a screenshot taken from the John's Incredible Pizza official website. via

Do incredible pizza cards expire?

We do not accept cards that expire or incur fees. This card will be listed at 0% off. via

Did incredible pizza go out of business?

America's Incredible Pizza, the 1950s-themed, pizza and family entertainment center that opened in March 2010 in the former Eagle Country Market in Spring Valley Shopping Center, Davenport, has closed, company officials confirmed this afternoon. via

How long has incredible pizza been around?

America's Incredible Pizza Company via

Is Incredible Pizza nationwide?

Locations and format

As of May 2021, nine locations remain in operation in the United States, and two in Mexico. via

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