How Many IHOP Pancakes Can You Eat?

No human needs to eat, or would enjoy eating, more than five pancakes. IHOP has created a fairly enjoyable breakfast experience for patrons at any time of day or night. Its All You Can Eat promotion subverts this experience, taking the relaxed sense of joy and placing it in a pancake purgatory. via

What is the most pancakes eaten in 8 minutes?

Someone Ate An Astonishing 113 Pancakes In 8 Minutes To Set A New World Record. via

Is IHOP fresh?

They're always cooked fresh to order

IHOP may be a chain diner but it's certainly not serving you any reheated frozen fare. Everything, including the famous pancakes, is cooked when the order hits the kitchen. via

How many pancakes do you get for free at IHOP?

The offer is dine-in only and there's a limit of one free short stack per person. A short stack of three pancakes usually costs $5.99. For a limited time, IHOP is offering free all-you-can-eat buttermilk pancakes with the purchase of any breakfast combo at participating locations. via

What happens if you eat too many pancakes?

That large stack of pancakes with syrup is a plateful of refined carbohydrates that rapidly increases your blood sugar and harmful triglycerides to raise your risk of heart disease. Guys who binge on white-flour goods have a greater chance of sudden death from heart attack. via

How many pancakes do you eat in an hour?

The most pancakes made in one hour by an individual is 1,127 and was achieved by Erica Price (USA)… via

Who ate the most food in the world?

Joey Chestnut eats 32 Big Macs in one sitting, breaks world record. via

What is the world record pancake?

The largest pancake was created in Rochdale, Manchester, UK in 1994, by the Co-Operative Union, Ltd. Measuring 15.01 m (49 ft 3 in) in diameter and 2.5 cm (1 in) thick, the pancake weighed 3 tonnes (6,614 lb), and took more than just a frying pan to flip over! via

Does IHOP serve real eggs?

IHOP uses real eggs, just not how we thought

Additionally, in 2014, a TripAdvisor review raged over the discovery of fake eggs. "If you want REAL eggs you have to specifically ask for them!! And freshly cracked eggs are used for poached eggs and the like as they cook better that way. via

What is the best thing to eat at IHOP?

  • IHOP's Original Buttermilk Pancakes. Facebook.
  • IHOP's Breakfast Sampler. Facebook.
  • IHOP's Original French Toast. Facebook.
  • IHOP's New York Cheesecake Pancakes. Facebook.
  • IHOP's Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.
  • IHOP's Colorado Omelette.
  • IHOP's Swedish Crepes.
  • IHOP's Classic Steakburger.
  • via

    Are IHOP pancakes unhealthy?

    A short stack of three (massive) pancakes from IHOP, for instance, packs 430 calories, 17 grams of fat, 1,390 milligrams of sodium, and 12 grams of sugar. There is nothing healthy about a stack of pancakes, folks. via

    Does IHOP give you a free meal on your birthday?

    IHOP: Free Pancakes

    Sign up for the IHOP's MyHop loyalty club to get a free full stack of any of IHOP's pancakes on your birthday. These are the pancakes listed on the World Famous tab of IHOP's menu. via

    Does IHOP give free pancakes on your birthday?

    Get a FREE Meal at Pancakes On Your Birthday by joining you will be the first to receive exclusive offers from your favorite IHOP including a FREE Meal just for signing up, on your Birthday and your 1-Year anniversary of joining the Pancake Revolution. via

    How do you get free food at IHOP?

    Join MyHop @ IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for FREE! As a member you will get a FREE meal for your Birthday (EVERY YEAR), another FREE meal for signing up and another FREE meal on your one year anniversary of signing up for MyHop. Expect to receive promotional emails from IHOP as well when you sign up. via

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