How Many Calories Is A Hook And Ladder

There are 1150 calories in 1 sub of Firehouse Subs Hook & Ladder White (Large). Calorie breakdown: 43% fat, 35% carbs, 22% protein. via

How many calories does a hook and ladder have?

There are 1134 calories in a Large Hook & Ladder Sub from Firehouse Subs. via

How many calories are in a small hook and ladder from Firehouse Subs?

There are 362 calories in a Small Hook & Ladder Sub from Firehouse Subs. Most of those calories come from fat (45%) and carbohydrates (35%). via

Why is it called Hook and Ladder?

The hooks would grab the ridge and hold the ladder in place so that the firefighters could work off the ladders. It carried the famed “hook”, giving it the name “Hook and Ladder”. via

How big is a large firehouse sub?

Margie Plunkett Neal‎Firehouse Subs

Margie, our large sub is about 12 inches, medium is about 8 inches, and small sub is about 4 inches. When you order a platter that feeds 5 can you get different meats in them also do you get salad and desert with that one. via

What comes on a firehouse hook and ladder?

Smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham, and melted Monterey Jack, served Fully Involved. via

What is the hook and ladder play in football?

The hook and lateral is a trick play in American, Canadian football & indoor American football, often colloquially called the hook and ladder play. If the second receiver catches the lateral in stride, he can be long gone before defenders can react. via

Are Firehouse Subs healthy?

Healthiest Option

Unlike a number of fast casual restaurants, you can find a number of healthy options on the Firehouse Subs menu. For the carb-enthusiasts, building your own sandwich with loads of low-calorie vegetables on wheat bread (lower in sodium than white bread) is the healthiest sandwich. via

What is the hook and ladder sub?

Hot smoked turkey breast, Virginia Honey ham, and Monterey Jack cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and deli mustard. via

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