How Long Is The Double Down At KFC?

But to keep things fresh, KFC has confirmed the Double Down will only be available in restaurants for 21 days. via

Who introduced the Double Down sandwich?

The Double Down was introduced when KFC was first introduced to Sweden. It was introduced in Denmark in January 2017. It was introduced in Germany and was available until March 2017. The German version contains two chicken strips, bacon, Monterey Jack and the special Double Down Sauce by KFC. via

Which fast food chain introduced the Double Down sandwich?

E arlier this week, KFC reintroduced the Double Down—the fast food chain's massively popular Franken-sandwich creation. For the uninitiated, the KFC Double Down (pictured above) challenges the idea of what a sandwich is by completely removing bread from the equation. via

Which fast food chain introduced the controversial?

KFC's infamous Double Down sandwich was the most buzzed about topic on the Internet when it was introduced earlier this year. via

Is KFC Double Down still available 2020?

Though the Double Down still makes the rounds (with one recent appearance being in the UK during the Fall of 2020, as Delish reported), it has yet to make consistent appearances or even to return to the United States since its 2014 run. via

Is the Double Down back at KFC?

THE DOUBLE DOWN IS BACK AT KFC THE SANDWICH WITHOUT BREAD, BUT ALL GENIUS. Milan, Feb. The sandwich has two fillets of delicious KFC Original Recipe fried chicken serving as “buns” and bacon, barbecue sauce and cheese on the inside. via

How much is KFC Double Down?

KFC's infamous "no buns, all meat" sandwich is back in all its sinful glory – two crunchy, deep-fried KFC chicken fillets sandwiching bacon, cheese, and mayo sauce. It costs P189 for an ala carte order and P289 as part of a Fully Loaded Meal. You asked for it, you got it! via

Does KFC have bacon?

KFC Bacon Lovers Sandwich Ingredients

The KFC Bacon Lovers Sandwich features a buttermilk-marinated, hand-breaded, extra crispy chicken fillet, with 4 strips of crispy bacon, 1 slice of Canadian Monterey Jack cheese and creamy baconnaise on a potato bun. via

What is on the KFC secret menu?

Among the other secret menu items is a Zinger Chipster ($6.95), comprising a Twister tortilla wrapped around a Zinger fillet, chips, cheese, lettuce and "supercharged sauce", and a mammoth Triple Stacker Burger ($12.45), featuring three Zinger fillets, bacon, cheese, chilli relish and "supercharged sauce". via

Does KFC have cheese?

Bacon, Monterey jack cheese, pepper jack cheese, and the Colonel's sauce is all sandwiched in between two pieces of crispy fried chicken. All you need is some melted cheese and you'll be in heaven. via

What is a KFC Zinger?

Our simple, succulent 100% chicken breast Fillet burger, plus spine-tingling Zing. With regular fries and a regular drink. via

How many calories in a KFC Double Down?

As greasy as it is messy the Double Down weighs in at 560 calories, 26.5g of fat and 1,660mg of sodium according to The Consumerist . via

When did KFC discontinue the Double Down?

The Double Down launched originally in April 2010. It was a huge hit with fans, with more than 10 million sold in the first month, so it stayed on the menu past its original late May 2010 promotion-end date. Many restaurants continued selling Double Downs throughout 2010. via

What is the new KFC burger?

The chain's new Gravy Burger is exactly what it sounds like: a sandwich made with a cheese-covered Original Recipe chicken fillet, topped with a layer of "gravynnaise" (yeah, it's gravy and mayo) AND a hash brown that doubles as a gravy boat. via

Does KFC have UberEats?

Doordash, Menulog, Deliveroo and UberEats all offer contactless KFC delivery. via

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