How Do You Fill A Pillow Sham?


Do you need a pillow for a sham?

Shams can be readily taken off or put on a pillow whenever needed, and they elevate the look and feel of pillows and accompanying bedding. Unlike a pillowcase that is made for sleeping and covering pillows, shams have a purely protective and decorative purpose. via

What is the difference between a pillow and a sham?

What is the Difference Between A Sham and a Pillow Case? Simply put, a pillow case is there to protect your pillow and keep it clean as you sleep. A pillow sham is there to hide your pillow behind a more decorative facade. Typically pillow cases are open at one end, with no type of closure. via

What size pillow do I need for my sham?

Standard-size pillow shams usually come in a 20-by-26 inch layout, which is the same as standard-sized pillows. However, pillow shams often have designed borders around the entire pillowcase. The height and width of the shams can differ depending on its curated design. via

Can you sleep on a pillow sham?

Because of its decorative nature, you'll often use a pillow sham strictly as an accessory or to prop you up in bed while reading or relaxing. You can sleep on them, although they may not be the most comfortable. via

Will a queen pillow fit in a standard sham?

Queen pillows fit snug in a standard-size pillowcase, so no need to buy a different size for them unless you prefer a looser look. via

Do pillow shams have to match comforter?

It is not necessary for your pillow shams to match your comforter. In fact, matching is sometimes not the desired look. When planning for your perfect bedding set, remember that matching your pillow shams to your comforter is only one of the ways to coordinate your bedding. via

What can I use instead of a pillow sham?

Pillow cases are designed to be slept on, and they serve a more practical, functional purpose than shams. Pillow cases are also simpler in style. Crafted from the same fabric as their matching bed sheets, pillow cases are (typically) open at one end and placed as the frontmost layer of double pillows on a made bed. via

What is standard size pillow?

The standard is the smallest common pillow size and measures 20 by 26 inches. via

Do you put a pillow sham over a pillow case?

A pillow sham covers another set of pillows that sit or lay over the pillow cases. There are some slight differences that show the difference between a pillow case and pillow sham. A pillow case will be open at the end or have a slit and no closure. via

Where does the sham go on the bed?


A decorative pillow covering which fits a standard pillow. Standard Shams may either be placed behind or in front of the pillows used to sleep on. They are placed behind the cases in our bed illustration. via

Are pillow protectors the same as pillowcases?

A pillow protector is essentially a pillowcase that zips shut, rather than having an opening at one end. A pillow protector encloses the pillow on all sides with a zipper, which keeps allergens like pet dander and dust mites from getting on the pillow through the open end of a regular pillow case. via

How many pillows should you sleep with?

Although design recommendations suggest that the average person should own 6 to 10 pillows just for their bed, most American sleep with just one or two pillows. The general assumption is that you only need one pillow for your head, so what are some reasons a person might need extra pillows? via

Are there queen size pillow cases?

Pillow Dimensions: 20 inches by 30 inches

Queen pillowcases are four inches longer than the standard size. The longer size allows two queen pillows to stretch perfectly across a queen size mattress. via

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