How Do You Clean A Quip Toothbrush Head?

Clean handle: Lightly wet the bristles of your old brush head and gently remove any toothpaste residue. If you don't have an old brush head handy, a damp paper towel will also do the trick. Wipe motor: Be sure to dry all parts of your toothbrush before reassembling! via

Do quip toothbrushes get moldy?

When storing your brush, in addition to positioning it upright, it's vital to keep it out in the open. Hiding your brush away in a cupboard or drawer prevents airflow, and a moist brush head is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. via

How do you make a quip sticky again?

When you get back home, we know you want quip returned to its prideful place: on your mirror! If your suction strip picked up any debris on the way, one awesome trick is to lay some regular (not extra strength!) clear tape over it, press gently, then peel it back. Your strip will be good as new! via

How do you take the top off a quip toothbrush?

Remove old Brush Head: Grip the head and handle in opposite hands, bristles facing away from you. Place your thumb on the dots, then gently pull the head off in a slight arc motion (don't snap it directly backwards). Remove motor and battery: Pull the motor out by lifting it by the wings or using the thumbnail notch. via

How long should a quip toothbrush last?

Quip doesn't come with a charger, like most other electric toothbrushes. Instead, it utilizes a single AAA battery that lasts up to 6 months of twice-daily brushings. Quip actually sends a new battery with your refills. via

What can I do with my old quip heads?

Most brush heads are not completely recyclable, since most bristles are made of soft nylon. However, you can snap off the portion of your brush head with bristles and recycle the rest! via

Why is Quip bad?

Compared with the rechargeable electric toothbrushes Wirecutter recommends, the battery-powered Quip produces much weaker vibrations. For this and other reasons, we don't recommend the Quip (that sleek, shiny brush, third from the right, above) as an everyday electric toothbrush for most adults. via

What is so good about Quip?

If you've never made the leap to electric brushes, Quip is a good starting place. The brush is easy to use, looks nice in your bathroom and doesn't require charging. It works well to clean your teeth, gums and tongue, and it's inexpensive. via

Why does my Quip brush fall off?

Since the Quip toothbrush is designed with replaceable heads, there would actually be a problem if it didn't come off. So, if yours has fallen off early, just try to attach it as if it were a replacement. If it can't properly reattach, or falls off again, then your brush handle may be faulty or broken. via

Can you Restick a quip toothbrush?

quip | Reusable travel cover for your quip toothbrush. Proudly display, mount, and protect your favorite brush. What you get: Plastic cover works as a mount, travel case, and stand. Stick and restick to mirrors, glass, or tile to save space. via

How do you keep a quip clean?

The most effective way to clean the strip is by using a piece of scotch tape like a tiny lint roller to remove any debris! For tougher jobs, a bit of soap and water should do the trick. Make sure to let the micro suction strip dry for a full 24 hours before attempting to re-stick it! via

Can I bring a quip toothbrush on a plane?

TSA Electric Toothbrush Rules & Regulations

You can bring an electric toothbrush on a plane in your carry-on bag. It's not something the TSA worries about. Valuables are always better off packed in carry-on bags where you can keep an eye on them. via

How often do you replace quip?

As you brush, the bristles return to their original jaggedness, which can cause gum recession and wear away enamel according to Dr. Mark Burhenne, quip's Chief Dental Advisor and founder of This is why it is recommended to replace them every three months, or when you see signs of wear. via

How often should you change your toothbrush?

“The average person should be swapping out for a new toothbrush every three to four months,” explains Dr. Sienna Palmer, DDS, dentist at Meridien Dental in Santa Monica, CA. “This is recommended to ensure that the bristles are still effective and bacteria accumulation on the toothbrush is minimal.” via

How do you turn on a quip toothbrush? (video)

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