Does Philz Have Almond Milk?

Most Philz Coffee shops now offer dairy-free almond milk, soymilk (vanilla), and oat milk beverages for customizing your own vegan lattes and mochas. And they are one of the few coffee chains that doesn't have a surcharge for milk substitutes! via

What milk do they use at Philz?

Your options are cream, whole milk, 2% milk, 1% milk, low-fat milk, almond milk, non-fat milk, soy milk, or vanilla soy milk. Tell the barista how creamy you'd like your drink: light, medium, or extra. via

What does creamy mean at Philz?

The most popular way people like their coffee here is sweet & creamy. Philz uses a manufacturing cream that is richer than the typical coffee creamer, giving the coffee a wonderful richness to it. I especially like sweet and creamy for the iced versions of the coffee as you can actually see the swirls of cream on top. via

How does Philz make their coffee sweet and creamy?

Add some vigorously shaken milk or cream, and then more ice to top it off. If you like your drink "sweet and creamy", the exact measurements are two flat tbsps of brown sugar and 3/4 inch of cream. "Philz way" is one tbsp of brown sugar and 1/2 inch of cream. Don't listen to that other commenter. via

Does philz have a secret menu?

Secret menu: Philz Coffee actually has a secret menu. Items include Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Oatmeal Cookie. Practice makes perfect: Tesora is the quintessential Philz Coffee blend. via

What should I order from philz?

A Guide to Ordering at Philz

  • How To Order.
  • What To Order.
  • Iced Ecstatic (Sweet & Creamy)
  • Philharmonic (Sweet & Creamy)
  • Julie's Ultimate (Sweet & Creamy)
  • Tesora (Sweet & Creamy)
  • Chai (Sweet & Creamy with Vanilla Soy)
  • Yerba Mate (Sweet with Honey)
  • via

    What coffee is good at Philz?

    Upon entering, friendly baristas recommended three popular drinks: Tesora, Mint Mojito Iced Coffee and Jacob's Wonderbar. The tesora is the sweet, yet savory combination of butter, nuts and caramel. I imagine this medium blend to be the caffeinated equivalent to the butter beer in Harry Potter. via

    What is the best philz coffee?

    The Tesora is Philz's signature, original coffee blend. It has tasting notes of caramel and vanilla, and is delicious with or without cream. Out of all the drinks on this list, I would say a Tesora with cream is the most similar to a latte, so I would highly recommend it to anyone who usually orders a latte. via

    What coffee does Emma Chamberlain order at Philz?

    "Right now, I have the Night Owl Blend in my machine. But I make double shot espresso, I put a little bit of almond milk, and a little vanilla creamer, and I call it a day... I love to switch it up." via

    What is in Philz Dancing Water?

    A light blend coffee with milk chocolate, grains, and cashew taste notes. Like a ballet on your palate, Dancing Water is as smooth and delicate as the water that sustains life. Graceful notes of chocolate are paired with flavors of molasses and nuts. via

    What's special about philz coffee?

    A cup of Philz is special. You start by ordering with a friendly Barista that helps you choose a blend they think you'll like best, craft it for you on the spot, and add anything you want in it to taste (milk, sugar, etc. or black, as many do). via

    How do I order a philz coffee?

    At Philz, you order first and pay second, which is opposite most traditional coffee shops. There will usually be a big sign directing you to the proper place. Wait to be called up. Your coffee is made-to-order by the baristas, and they can only handle 4 cups at a time. via

    Does philz use espresso?

    The Philz credo is that every cup of coffee is individually brewed using the pour-over method and then customized to order with cream and sugar. There is no espresso machine, so Philz doesn't serve cappuccinos or lattes. There are no tanks or thermoses, so don't expect to grab-and-go. via

    Does philz have espresso?

    Philz specializes in single-cup, pour-over coffee drinks. They do not have any espresso-based drinks or blended drinks, like mochas, cappuccinos, lattes, etc. A recommended drink for first-timers is a Tesora, which is a balanced flavor, or an iced Mint Mojito, a coffee blend with mint and sugar added. via

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